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Complementing your teachings.

If you’ve already emabarked on your learning Journey from home, we can complement your teaching with a range of Home-Ed classes at our registered exam centre at the Hourney Hub.
Taught by qualified teachers and examiners we’ll incorporate your educational goals within a plan made just for you.

In order to support your current educational provision, we have the ability to offer as much support or as little as is required. With 52 weekly sessions running at Journey – there is plenty to choose from when it comes to personalising your home ed journey From English and Maths, to Spanish and coding. Unlike mainstream provision, we do not age specify when it comes to learning, instead we base on skills and ability. This allows great freedom when personalising your journey to create something that works just for you. Whether this is supporting in a subject that you are struggling in, or a subject you truly want to reach above your potential in. Or maybe you are keen to study extra subjects to support a university application or simply to enrich your education for pleasure purposes.

With our small class sizes of 10 and expert teachers and examiners leading the sessions, every second is used wisely to propel your learning journey forward.

Our links to a Doncaster exam centre, make for easy transition and entry for private exam candidates, making for a seamless journey through to exam if required.

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