School Support.

Support for both primary & secondary schools.

Journey offers a plethora of support to both primary and secondary schools for teachers and learners. Where teachers or students require a strand of support outside of the normal offerings of the school, Journey has a solution. We offer a range of different courses and provisions for a number of differing occasions.

• Exam Techniques and Revision Support
• GCSE English Exam Success
• Walk Talk Mock Examinations
• Stretching Gifted and Talented pupils through Computing
• Resilience Building
• Motivational Speaking
• Growth Mindset
• Financial Awareness for Young People
• GCSE Photography Short Course
• Young Entrepreneurs

• Art Therapy
• PHSE Overview or Individual units
• Exploring Digital Creativity to channel energy and increase concentration
• Managing anger through Debate
• Therapy through Music Production
• Child Sexual Exploitation
• Crime and County Lines
• Missing Children
• Young People and Sexual Health
• Young People and Gang Exploitation
• Using Drama to build Confidence and raise Self Esteem
• British Values
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Raising Self Esteem

Whether your team needs support due to a new framework, course or subject, Journey has a solution for your department. Experienced teachers, NQT’s, PGCE’s and non-specialists will all benefit from the wealth of experience the educators at Journey have to offer. Our provision builders are all very experienced teachers, examiners and senior leaders both in the primary and secondary education sector.
Services include:
• Curriculum Curation
• Programmes of Study
• Schemes of Work
• Resourcing
• CPD Subject enhancement
• Behaviour Management
• Exam Success
• Stretching the Gifted and Talented Child
• Child Sexual Exploitation
• Crime and County Lines
• Missing Children
• Young People and Sexual Health
• Young People and Gang Exploitation
• Understanding FGM
• Instilling British Values and Understanding Terrorism

We offer a bespoke provision building service in addition, to ensure that all learners and barriers can be catered for. Our provisions are all taught by qualified teachers, real life artists and entrepreneurs – giving a unique focused experienced for learners and teachers.
For a full list of courses/provisions or to discuss your bespoke needs – please contact us

Absolutely amazing experience with Journey! Amelia adores every minute of learning and she has made so much progress as well! Thank you!
Signing my children up to classes at Journey is the best decision I've ever made. My kids absolutely love spending time here, it's such a warm and friendly environment where people have nothing but kindness and respect for one another. I would highly recommend.
I am so grateful to the team for going the extra mile making sure my daughter is happy and comfortable in all the classes she joins. Her confidence has increased immensely and she is absolutely thriving. Thank you.